General Conditions
  • Rates quoted are in AUD
  • Rates quoted are valid for general cargos only, it is subject to change without prior notice
  • All inland transit times are estimates only
  • Rates are based on Port to Port basis. It will be subjected to destination port charges, if any.
  • Destination not otherwise specified can be obtained upon request
  • All business transaction is conducted subject to standard trading conditions
  • All adhoc rates will be valid for 30 days from the date of quotation
  • All surcharges (cargo dues, PSS, etc) will be in accordance to freight terms (if shipment is prepaid all surcharges will be prepaid)
  • Fresh food stuff is not acceptable to all destinations
  • Most inland destinations regardless if shipment is personal effects require commercial invoice for on forwarding or where personal effects are concerned a invoice /packing list will be accepted
High dutiable cargo
  • Commodities such as tobacco, liquor must be approved by transhipment port before acceptance by POL


Fumigation requirements
  • Fumigation required for shipping to most destinations for wooden articles please check with us


Personal Effect
  • Copy of commercial invoice, packing list with correct numbers abd item descriptions to be given by shipper
  • Clear copy of the passport photo page
  • Authorisation letter from shipper/ consignee to guarantee payment of all custom clearance fee 
  • Please note some destinations in Europe have extra surcharge for personal effect shipment (cargo going via Koper, Valparaiso or into Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Vienna)


Out of gauge cargo (Over size cargo)
  • Rates not valid for long length/ overweight cargo
  • Limitations (prior approval must be obtained)
  • Long length not exceeding 5.9m
  • Weight not exceeding 3000kg per package


Heavy lift cargo
  • Any cargo that exceed 100 kg per package is consider as heavy left cargo
  • It must be approved by transhipment port before acceptance by POL


Weight ratio shipment
  • Certain countries are subject to weight ratio basis for shipping


Surcharge for high density cargo
  • Weight cargo surcharge guideline is 1 tonne : 2.2cbm
  • Far East/ Indonesia/ Japan/ China - USD$5/tonne
  • India/ Africa/ Middle East - USD$10/tonne
  • Australia/ New Zealand/ Pacific Island/ Fiji - USD$10/tonne
  • Europe/ Mediterranean/ Scandinavia - USD$15/tonne
  • South/ Central America - USD$20/tonne 


Bare unit cargo
  • Non seaworthy packages (bare unit, nil packaging) will not be accepted


 Final Destination processes
  • Some countries have strict policies for abandoned cargo. This can mean freight has to be returned to shipper and all expenses incurred with returning cargo including all landed costs and storage if applicable will be to the shipper's account


Please refer to Tariff for special condition for specific country destination you want to ship to or contact us.
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