Our Success

Due to our commitment and dedication to the sea freight export market, we are proud to still hold the identity of being the only “ TRUE GENUINE WHOLESALE NVOCC ” in Australia. After 15 years of service to the industry, Globelink has been able to retain our neutrality in the market due to the full support given to us from the Freight Forwarding Community. In 2003, Globelink International realized the need to be present in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, thus extending our expertise and providing Australia wide weekly export services to the industry. This led to Globelink becoming recognized as the only “ TRUE NATIONAL WHOLESALE NVOCC”. We have continued to expand our export LCL consolidation services, now covering weekly services to Singapore, Hong Kong, Port Kelang, Bangkok, Jakarta, Auckland and Los Angeles. We also offer fortnightly services to Manila, Keelung, Busan, Yokohama, Shanghai, Dubai, Wellington, Lyttelton, Suva, Lautoka, Tilbury, Rotterdam, Hamburg and La Spezia. However, our coverage of services does not stop there. Globelink can offer over 1100 destinations in our worldwide export tariff, due to the diversity of the trans-shipment hubs that Globelink utilizes. This gives Globelink International the edge on our competitors for having the best competitive rates, transit times and services in the market. Globelink continues and will continue to give birth to new offices. The flexibility and the opportunities that arise will be explored and seized upon to ensure the expansion of the Globelink network. Our coverage of Globelink offices throughout Intra Asia is 41 strong. Our presence in China has strengthened to 11 offices, Indonesia with 4 offices, India with 5 offices, Malaysia with 9 offices, Vietnam with 4 offices, Pakistan with 2 offices, Offices in Sri Lanka, Thailand and with Singapore still as Head office. In 2005 Globelink gave birth to a new member of the family, giving Globelink offices in Dubai - a new dimension to the future of shipping enabling yet another diverse transshipment hub to increase our ability to better serve our clients' needs. Globelink International continues to excel in achieving goals and our driving force has our client's interest at heart, we are your “ ONLY GENUINE NEUTRAL WHOLESALE PARTNER ” and “ OUR SUCCESS IS YOUR SUCCESS

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